Już 4-6 kwietnia kolejne warsztaty Product Discovery Practitioner!

Build better products,


We help the best teams and companies build innovative products that customers love.

They trusted us:

We work with innovative teams and product companies.


Open workshops and dedicated programs

We help teams discover and build products and services that customers love, delivering vision and company business goals.

Product Discovery Practitioner Workshops

Practical workshops that help you and your team discover winning digital products.

Product Analytics Practitioner Workshops

Learn how to use Product Analytics to develop valuable digital products. Powered by Amplitude.

Product Discovery as a service

We minimize biggest product risks and discovery opportunities with customer research and product experimentation.


What do our customers value us for?

Maximum practicality

We devote 80% of our workshop time to interactive, practical exercises with participants.

Interesting case studies

We rely on our experiences and case studies of real products.

Engaging facilitation

We have experience in conducting workshops and trainings both at the team and management board level.

Individual approach

We adapt dedicated workshops and trainings for companies to their real challenges.


Who you'll work with:

Michał Reda

I’ve spent the last 12 years building and scaling digital products with great people. Today I’m a product coach whose mission is to develop innovative and customer-centric competencies among product teams. Among my clients you can find brands and products like T-mobile, Nielsen, Huuuge Games, Netguru and many others. I’m also a co-founder of first polish Product Academy and an evangelist of product discovery.
Aleksander Uznański

Aleksander Uznański

Product Strategist and certified Design Sprint Facilitator. Skilled at supporting early-stage teams in identifying and validating product opportunities by implementing and improving Product Discovery process. Proven track record of building industry-leading startups in Poland, Belgium, France and Switzerland as Head of Product Discovery, Product Lead and Operations Manager, mainly in HR and Fintech markets.
Michał Kalinowski

Michał Kalinowski

Chief Technology Officer with 20 years of experience in building IT solutions. He has broad competences (technical, operational, financial, managerial) in various industries (IT, marketing, investments, real estate). As an investor and mentor, he supports startups and companies in developing new digital products for reaching the market fit.


Any other questions?

Contact us and discuss all the details of workshops and training. We are happy to answer all your questions.


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